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What is Numerilife? is an exclusive and very powerful solution allowing you to decide everything about your digital life in case of disappearance.

When you subscribe to, you have a private area where you can write messages to your friends, colleagues, or anyone you specify. You can store files, videos, manuscripts, photographs, audio files and various documents you wish to transmit to your beneficiaries.

Then, as agreed, a process is initiated by a designated person (your protector). The messages you have written will be sent to your recipients: messages that may contain access codes, instructions, information, secrets, and these same beneficiaries will receive access to the files you have reserved for them ...

Why is Numerilife essential to everyone?
How can I subscribe to Numerilife?
How much does a subscription to Numerilife cost?
How does Numerilife work?
What are the guarantees offered by Numerilife?
What tools does Numerilife offer?
What is the airlock system?
What is TrueCrypt?
What happens if I do not renew my subscription?
What is genealogical rapprochement?
What is the historical background?
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